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Javier Romero Software Developer


My name is Javier Romero, I'm a software developer with a passion for developing stable, scalable, and efficient applications.

My day job consists of developing application and system interfaces as well as web and kiosk applications. It has by far taught me the most about team work and being flexible when it comes to different environments than any other expirience.

On my free time I enjoy developing mobile applications for Android. It started off as simple application which I needed and grew to a new form of development which I fell in love with. My only issue is that there isn't enough hours in the day.

Development Values

  • Document well - Aside from the added value of most IDEs being able to "code assist" using your doc blocks, decumentation allows you to comeback to project and get back in context with a lot less effort.

Contact Info

E-mail: j.romero.1214@gmail.com

Phone: +1 (612) 412-1486

Location: Irving, TX, US

Website: jromero.me